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The Venetian Twist for Medical Facilities
The Venetian Twist assists those with arthritis.

The Venetian Twist is ideal for large or small medical offices, retirement homes and/or senior centers.  Our unique patented design assists those with limited range of motion or arthritis issues in the hands.  The easy-grip venetian blind handle works great for a better grip on a toothbrush or when writing with a pencil or pen. 

Retirement homes with The Venetian Twist can allow residents to easily adjust their mini blinds, blocking the sun or letting it in!  Anyone suffering from arthritis in the wrists and/or hands will appreciate the easy-grip handle.  From doctor offices, dental clinics, retirement homes, day cares or senior centers - The Venetian Twist is ideal!

Available now in large quantities, and also in an array of colors, contact us today to inquire about using The Venetian Twist in your medical, business or office facility.


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