The Venetian Twist   
Gilrob Enterprises   
117 Heritage Park Drive   
Wilmington, N.C. 28401   
Phone:  910.763.0655   

Ease of Use
The Venetian Twist is designed for easy installation.

The new, patented Venetian Twist  blind handles are designed for easy installation. 

Just hold the rod or wand in one hand, and with the other hand forcefully push up and twist the handle. 

Now you can open and close your venetian blinds with ease using The Venetian Twist  horizontal blinds handle.  But don't stop there... check out or home decorating ideas using simple items to enhance your home's decor. 

Our Venetian Twist handles can be painted (brush or spray) to match your color scheme.  Works great with traditional horizontal blinds as well as the fabric backed mini-blinds or plantation blinds.



NOTE: The Venetian Twist  is NOT made to open and/or close vertical blinds.  Please do NOT attempt to slide or pull curtains or blinds "left-to-right" or "up-and-down" using the Venetian Twist handle.  The patented design is made for the twisting motion used to open and close horizontal blinds, mini blinds, and venetian blinds.

Order your Venetian Twist today! 10-pack only $19.95 + S&H


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