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             Venetian Blind Handles

The latest design in a venetian blind handle that works in any room and accents any home decor.  Mini blinds, horizontal blinds, and plantation blinds, also called venetian blinds, can be updated with new easy grip decorative blind handles.

Patented Venetian Blind Handle


The Venetian Twist
Accessorize your venetian blinds!
The patented
Venetian Twist handle offers practical window treatments at affordable prices!  A classic choice for venetian blinds, mini blinds, horizontal blinds or plantation blinds with great durability, offering clean lined design.  Now you can make adjusting these blinds much easier while adding to your home's decor with decorative blind handles. 

The Venetian Twist is an easy-grip blind handle that fits all size rods and is easy to attach to existing blind rods.  The innovative design allows for decorative touches to match your homes' decor.  See Decorating Ideas.

Easily Adjust Blinds
Easy-grip handles for horizontal blinds.
Open and close venetian blinds with ease using the easy-grip horizontal blind handle. 
The Venetian Twist  blind handles are perfect for retirement homes, medical facilities, apartment complexes, senior centers or any residence that has horizontal blinds installed.  The easy-grip handle makes grasping and turning the blind wand or rod comfortable and safe. 

Open and Close your venetian blinds with ease
»  Fits all size rods
»  Easy to attach to your existing rods/wands

»  Accessorize your venetian blinds - compliments any decor

»  Be creative!  Personalize your Venetian Twist

»  Easy-grip handle helps those with arthritis or limited motion

»  Ideal for medical facilities, senior centers, interior decorators

Venetian Twist mini blind handles fit all size rods or wands and it is easy to attach to your existing rods.  See Ease of Use

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